Leaders in the Russian Fish Trade Market 

About us

LLC "Nord West Fish" since 2001 has been importing frozen fish and seafood from all over the world. Deliveries from Scandinavia, EU countries, North and South America, Southeast Asia, New Zealand are carried out on a regular basis. Long-term cooperation with a large number of suppliers allows the company to maintain a leading position in the Russian market, as well as to constantly expand the range of fish products. Thus, the company's clients always know that they have a reliable partner in us, and can count on the constant availability of the necessary positions in the required volume at an adequate price.

Thanks to close cooperation with its suppliers and customers, Nord West Fish always anticipates changes in trends and keeps its customers informed of changes in the supply market. The company also always strives to respond to requests, changes in the sales market, which allows you to always keep your finger on the pulse and be a forwarder for its customers in the most difficult market situations. 

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Regular and direct supplies of fish and seafood from Russian and foreign manufacturers.


Stability and the highest level of service always.